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Above the Basement offers casual and candid discussions with musicians, artists, producers and others from Boston and beyond. Conversations will inform and entertain listeners with experiences from those shaping Boston’s music community and for whom music is a passion.
You will hear their stories, hardships ​​faced and overcome… ​and why they love what they do.

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  • Episode 058 - a conversation with Ryan Miller of Guster is published!

So we made a trip up to Burlington, VT and ventured to the home of Ryan Miller, the Accidental Ambassador of the great state of VT.

Maybe you've run into Ryan at an apple orchard in Vermont, or possibly in downtown Burlington. Perhaps you’ve heard him on the radio as lead singer and guitarist in the acclaimed group Guster.

Ryan has built a career in scoring for film and also hosts a PBS TV show aptly called Makin' Friends with Ryan Miller, where he travels the great state of Vermont speaking with “high functioning weirdos.” We discovered that Ryan is a creative force in many ways when he kindly invited us to his home for a great conversation.

In this episode we include new songs from his upcoming film scores that are pretty amazing. See the episode notes for the complete song list.

Go to www.abovethebasement.com to listen! 
Photo credit: Adam Frehm Photography 
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  • Episode 057 - a conversation with Justin Crowther of the Burlington Record Plant is published!

While touring as a rock drummer for Vermont's own Waylon Speed, Justin had a crazy idea: to manufacture vinyl records.

In three years he has produced thousands of unique records riding the vinyl wave in Burlington, VT.

The Burlington Record Plant is a labor of love and without any initial experience in production, Justin has become an innovator in the vinyl world, building on a foundation of hard work and determination.

Currently playing drums for the Burlington band Blowtorch, he also has an instrumental album out with his other project Sliding Spring.

Click here to listen: http://abovetheb.libsyn.com/057-justin-crowther 
or go to www.abovethebasement.com! #abovethebasement #burlingtonvt #blowtorchband #burlingtonrecordplant #waylonspeed #waylonspeedmusic #justincrowther #bostonmusic #punkrock #burlingtonmusic #vinyl #vinylrecords #vinylmanufacturing #chuckclough #ronniehirschberg #slidingspring 
Photo credit: Laura Payson
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