We’ve worked hard to make Pitchh as user friendly as possible, but we understand you might have a few questions. To help, please see the most popular questions and answers below. If you have further comments, please head over to our contact page.


Pitchh FAQ

How do I search on Pitchh?

The fastest way to explore Pitchh is by clicking here. Here you can filter down the results in a number of ways. Genre, Location, Tags, and more. Pitchh also has a pretty smart search engine built in, so if you’re feeling lucky click here.

How do I add myself to Pitchh?

Play music? Own a venue, maybe run a recording studio? Adding yourself to Pitchh is simple, fast, and free. Remember to include as much information as possible, including images.

How do I claim my Pitchh page?

We call it “Pitchh Approved” — you’ll see it as a blue tick next to certain page. This means that the owner of this page has claimed responsibility for the information and can be contacted directly through Pitchh.

To claim your page, first you need to add yourself to Pitchh. Then, once approved you will see the option to “Claim Page” towards the bottom of your page.

Help! How do I reset my password?

Don’t worry, we lose things all the time. Reset your password here.

What's with that name?

In case you were wondering, Pitchh isn’t a spelling mistake.

Pitchh is about connecting music. To make a connection, it helps if your initial pitch is strong and to the point, which is where we come in. Likewise, pitch is a perceptual property of sound (aka it’s pretty important). Hopefully that explains the name. Oh, and notice how the two H’s in our logo are also “connected”.