Sidewalk Driver

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Sidewalk Driver is high-energy, highly-infectious, hook-driven, Rock with a capital ‘R.’ The sound is modern but the heart of the band seems to be more in line with 1970s rock culture… the Bowies and the Belushis of the world. Lead singer Tad McKitterick’s voice has power and clarity, is expressive without falling off the pitch and is forceful without losing subtle moments. Guitarists Kate Murdoch and Jared Egan seamlessly weave crunchy rhythms with soaring solos while bassist Jonn Smith and drummer A.J. Locke hold down the bottom end. The songs always come with some odd bent but not one that repels; rather, they welcome you to join in the celebration like a carnival barker hyping a freak show.



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  • We can't wait to celebrate our lovely friend Mika's birthday on Saturday 12/2 at the @mideastclub Up! It's a nice early show—doors are at 6:30, music starts at 7:00, & we round out the night at 9:00—so come on! @jaggerymusic @mrfoxinfo @transcribbler ❤️
  • #Repost @paddycakes_piasecki: "Hey Guys! I made this photo with the wonderful band @sidewalkdriver, and I will be displaying it this Sunday at Once ballroom in Somerville from 2-8, as part of the "Petty Morals Ballroom Blitz!" Rock and art show. I'll be selling this as a one off big print, but will also have a bunch of small prints of varying subject matter. I've also decided to donate all of the money I make to the help out the good people of Puerto Rico during this tough time. Come for the Rock, and buy some art!"
  • ❤️❤️❤️
#Repost @massmediagirl: "A @sidewalkdriver show broke out at @andierizz and @jaredegan's wedding. Congratulations to this rock and roll couple. ❤️ #andieandjared #photooftheday #instagood #wedding #love #life #sidewalkdriver "

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