Salem Wolves

With “confident swagger” and a “mix of garage-y noise, distorted witch psych sounds, and pop sensibilities,” Boston’s own Salem Wolves (Gray Bouchard, Paul Koelle and Harrison Swyter) have succeeded in raising an unholy ruckus since 2014.

After releasing their acclaimed debut EP Black Books (MegaHex Records) in January of 2015, the Wolves followed quickly with a series of singles: First their ode to New England obstinacy “More Weight!” (via Vanyaland), then the bouncing psychodoo-wop “Teenage Wonder” (via IMPOSE magazine) in Summer 2015. “Teenage Wonder” made several Best of 2015 lists, including Bishop and Rook’s Top Records of 2015, Vanyaland’s 201V List, and The Boston Herald’s Top Songs of 2015 (beating out Justin Beiber, might we add).

In December 2015, the band was chosen to take part in a Converse Rubber Tracks recording session, resulting in the singles “Peach” and “Shameless,” produced by Dave Minehan (The Replacements, The Neighborhoods) and mastered by Bradford Kreiger (Dirty Dishes, Ravi Shavi). “Peach” made its exclusive debut at Allston Pudding and was described as a “punky anthem that knows when to be soft and when to rock hard.”


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