ROZAMOV is a sludge metal band from Boston, Massachusetts. Utilizing hardcore, doom, and atmospheric elements, ROZAMOV create a sound reminiscent of the bleak power of Neurosis, Yob and Grief.

ROZAMOV has released two self-produced EP’s and toured the Midwest and East Coast over the past two years. The band is now in the process of writing their debut full length album and will tour extensively in 2015.


Latest Tweets


  • @leather_lung tearing up Stoned to Death. We're on at 9:30. #promotorhead #stonedtodeathfest
  • We are supremely stoked to announce that we will be taking part in Crucialfest 7 in Salt Lake City, UT August 31-September 3rd along side the likes of Baroness, RED FANG, Built to Spill, The GROWLERS, Minus the Bear and many more. We'll be touring out to SLC with our brothers The Ditch And The Delta, those dates will be announced soon.

June 6th: VIP & 4-Day Early Bird Passes go on-sale
June 8th: 2-Day Early Bird Passes go on-sale.

Artists include The GROWLERS, Strfkr, Baroness, Built to Spill, Aesop Rock with Rob Sonic, Minus the Bear, Pinback, RED FANG, P.O.S, WHY?, BRONCHO, Sales, Able Baker Fox, Radio Moscow, The Flatliners, Emma Ruth Rundle, Deap Vally, The Frights, TURBO CHUGG, The Ditch And The Delta, mojave nomads, The Boys Ranch, Panthermilk, SAM, Sunsleeper, ROZAMOV, Darklord, The Nods, Westing, Super 78, BEACHMEN, Indigo Plateau, Visigoth, Turtleneck Wedding Dress, Wovenhand (official), Loom!, Earthless, Weedeater, STRFKR DJ Set, Doug Martsch (of Built to Spill) DJ Set, Laserfang, One More Time (Daft Punk Tribute), INVDRS, Fall Silent, PRIMITIVE MAN, Hound Mystic, Andrew Goldring, Filth Lords, The Wake of an Arsonist, Giraffula, Quiet Oaks, 2-Headed Whale, Hemwick, EXES, Droopy Tights, Sympathy Pain, Civil Lust, Conquer Monster, Martian Cult, AudioTreats, Korihor, Die Off, I Buried The Box With Your Name, Madge, RS2090, Tarot Death Card, Strange Familia #crucialfest @battleground_records @dullestrecords
  • This weekend we return to Western MA to destroy Greenfield along side a barrage of heavy hitters. Make sure you get your tickets ahead of time through @promotorhead. #acidwitch #blacktomb

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