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  • been thinking about social media A LOT. I'm about to go on tour and I'd like to make a pledge to friends, fans and strangers that I will share as much of myself through these channels as I can. maybe people will like the music more if I make cool jokes on the internet! maybe I will make the big bucks and buy the ranch! at the very least I can try to become famous. as i embark on a journey across America, it seemed only natural to try to fill the internet with more crap about myself. after all, there are few things more American than "more," "crap" and "myself." and no sugarcoating either: I won't post content of just the good stuff, I'll take pictures of some of the bad meals I have as well. and hopefully, after all is said and done, you will love me and we will connect, virtually. or at least we will until I get back home at which point I will want everyone to leave me alone.
  • Rick just “hanging” out
Last night of tour in Philly with @converge and @givemusical
  • Tour’s been good

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