Marissa Nadler

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Marissa Nadler is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and painter based in Boston, Massachusetts.



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  • #tbt to this ocean quiet @light_witch took a couple years ago. Also speaking of years, I’ve put many of my cover songs which aren’t available anywhere else [used to put them out on cdrs back in the day before @sacredbones and @bella_union ] up on @bandcamp for free! That’s 15 of them for now, ranging from Townes to Duran Duran and many places in between. I will post more soon and these do not include songs that do appear on other compilations for the most part. Enjoy ! #marissanadler #lightwitch #coversongs #bandcamp
  • I have a new web store up (link in bio) where I just made available my album candles for the full sensory listening experience, some recently unearthed rare vinyl copies of earlier records -as well as the surprise addition of more Leave The Light On vinyl! thanks @vinylmeplease and @sacredbones another dream photo recently unearthed by @ebruyildiz

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