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Lead by singer/guitarist Empress Erin, Lovewhip is a psychedelic electro dance rock band, featuring Jim Countryman on bass/vocals, Matt Cat on electro harmonica and Pariah Beats on drums. Boston Award-Winning LOVEWHIP has been called “a mash up of all the world’s most danceable music, from electro to Afro-beat, to reggaeton and post-punk” by Boston’s Weekly Dig, & “more fun than a truckload of Cyndi Laupers!” by the Portland Press Herald.



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  • Lovewhip rocks Charlotte NC tonight, and back home at the Midway  on Monday! #lovewhip #dance #tour #fun
  • We had a really great time in St. Louis! Thanks to Scott Parsons for the photo!
  • My favorite folk singer! #woodyguthrie

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