Killer Cortez

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KILLER CORTEZ is a Boston-based progressive rock band. As a two-piece ensemble the band upends convention with its cavernous sound, bringing listeners on an emotional journey through the beauty and tragedy of the human condition. Their sound has been described as ethereal sonic-storytelling, with U2 textures, Radiohead rhythms, Pink Floyd psychedelia, and The Who levels of stadium rock. Written as much for the casual listener as for the musically-inclined, their music hints at the complexity that underlies who we are on the surface.

Formerly known as Moniker, KILLER CORTEZ will be releasing their fifth EP, Maquiladora in August 2016.


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  • People often ask us about @socratescruz pedalboard... here's a glimpse under the hood of Optimus Prime #bosses8 #eventideh9 #strymonzuma #pog2 #line6 #m5 #tcelectronics #joyo #mxrpedals #sourceaudio #bossdd500 #carlmartin #pedalboard
  • Very cool! Thanks to all of you who voted; as a result we'll be up in the running for Best Song of the Year at the end of 2017... Big shoutout to #progsphere for the attention 🤘
  • Pumped for our show this Friday at Out of the Blue Gallery w/ @gephband and @wessmeetswest

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