Idle Pilot

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Idle Pilot is a three piece rock band from Lowell, MA that plays music that is mostly loud but also sometimes quiet. Their sound harkens back to the post-hardcore/emo/mathrock bands that were prominent in the 90s. After being forced to change their name in 2015 (formerly currents) the band rallied and returned to the studio to record their second full-length album to be released on Ocelot Records and Head vs. Heart. This new album shows the band both growing and refining their sound with twelve tracks that range from fast-paced angular punk to brooding slow building epics.



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  • playing live on WMFO 91.3 @ 10:30!!
  • this Friday we are in JP with some of our favorite bands: @blissmassachusetts, Muddler, and Chemical Wire!
  • Here's where you can catch us this month!

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