Happy Little Clouds

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Happy Little Clouds is a Boston-based indie rock band whose songs will stick with you rain or shine. The band’s unfiltered, heartfelt lyrics are layered over bluesy vocals, a vintage rock sound, and catchy melodies. On their debut album, “Shift,” premiered July 9, 2016, and produced, recorded and mixed by Portland, ME legend Jonathan Wyman, Happy Little Clouds captures the emotional rollercoaster of discovering love and lust while on the journey for inner truth and that brief nostalgic moment that strikes just before everything changes forever. Hop in and join them for the ride, and don’t touch the radio dial.





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  • This little bug makes me feel special not only on my birthday, but every single day. Don’t listen to her, I’m the lucky one.
  • Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. Super grateful for today. Got some amazing gifts, got some tofu scramble & brownies made by the lovely and beautiful @glitzbuggo and then she took me to see @deertickmusic at the rockin’ @columbustheatre. #aplusbirthday
  • @glitzbuggo took me to see the legendary Roger Miller’s (of @burmaboston) other band #trinarysystem. So inspiring.

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