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Knife is an intergalactically famous DJ and promoter who holds several residencies in Boston clubs. Well versed in reading crowds and able to seamlessly jump between different musical genres, Knife is the perfect fit for any function. Beware of NOT booking Knife because he will show up at your door step and pester you.


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  • #PVRPLE returns to @goodlifebar TONIGHT w/ @supersmashbroz @dj_candyraine @_amadeezy_ & @reeldrama 🍇👾 Hosted by @steadyleanin & @moredrinkstour
  • #PVRPLE returns to @goodlifebar TOMORROW NITE w/ @supersmashbroz @dj_candyraine @_amadeezy_ & @reeldrama 🍇👾 Hosted by @steadyleanin & @moredrinkstour
  • Remember your 1st party at @goodlifebar 🤔I certainly don't! But my friend @kateseyvazzadeh is having hers TOMORROW NIGHT. She spent a ton of time helping me get DJ Appreciation Night together this year so now I'm hoping you'll help her by going to her show!

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