Colbis the Creature

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Bootstrapped from the underground of Boston’s shifting music scene, four young men emerge as a single sound known as Colbis the Creature. Predominantly forging songs with a solid rock texture and pop-flavored coating, Nick Caliendo provides a soft spoken, yet powerful delivery of honest lyrics juxtaposed with the sometimes dissonant, stringed attributions of Danny Hoey. Anchored by an exacting rhythm combo courtesy of Colby Blauvelt and Michael Swanson, the fusion emotes memories of indelible rock riffs and hooks you’ve allowed to settle into your bones.


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  • **Accidentally deleted last post. THIS IS TONIGHT 10/14! Come come👻
  • Playing with @walteretc and Lost Dog next week @mideastclub ! Sept13 18+
  • Omgomgomg Colby is pumped about our next show 9/13 @mideastclub  with @walteretc  and lostdog. 18+ yall

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