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We are a communion of the last exhales of our ancestors, seeking divine justice for the countless crimes perpetrated against this earth and us beings by a cabal of murderous thieving bastards.

The tiger family calls for the eternal spanking of snitches and the mass renunciation of the ego. We struggle for free beer and a epistemological breakthrough in the public consciousness surrounding stardust, creator of the cosmos. Our dreams are in line with the historic mission of the multi-national working class, to be the gravediggers of the murderous cabal of thieving bastards that fill there own pockets with the weight of our blood, sweat, and tears.

Were-animals, or the internal merging of the self with the spirit animal, are the representations we choose for the tasks that fall before us. Every being is at war against the murderous cabal of thieving bastards, regardless of whether they choose to acknowledge it. The whole of existence is on the verge of extinction. We cannot ignore it, as we feel the strangle hold of the cabal of thieving murdering bastards everyday of our lives. Our whole world has inherited a generational torch, carried by every being since the beginning of this reign of terror. For thousands of years, under the noses of the murderous cabal of thieving bastards, the oppressed and exploited beings of this earth have been slowly building the foundation for a world free of their reign. The were-animal deities represent the progenitors of our brighter future. They are the anthropomorphized personifications of the first blissfully free beings that we wont live to meet and, if we did, would judge us… harshly.

Collective and simplistic group noise expression is our main weapon of spiritual survival in a world run by a murderous cabal of thieving bastards.

Due to the control of the world by a cabal of murderous thieving bastards, the music industry is a soul-sucking vulture-leach that is fed fat by the commodification of the sounds and spirit of the people. It exchanges community for marketability and neglects heart for technical talent and ability. Talent, musical ability, and marketability are all part of the same boring sham. This evil trinity is an evil crackerman capitalist mythology that locks out ordinary people from making fun, simple, and heartfelt noise with their friends. Playing music with your friends builds community. It teaches you how to do new things together with new people. It puts you in a collective space and asks you to build something, together, anything you want. Community building, friendships, fun times and big dreams are what the murderous cabal of thieving bastards fear most. As they should… we could get drunk enough to knock on their doors.



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