Psychic Dog

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Psychic Dog is a mutt – a handsome mix of rock, punk and weird. 3 Boston-based fellows who love having fun, playing loud for people and sweating beer. Kevin Kupillas on drums/vocals, Dug McCormack on guitar/vocals and Taylor Trashman on Bass. Two parts of other local bands (Hookerclops and OTP), and came together for the love of rock, odd riffs, strange lyrics, big beautiful bass, and high energy drums.

Art plays an important role in the Psychic Dog sound and experience and Dug’s flyers and album art are a perfect example of that. Being huge supporters of the local art scene, it’s also not unusual to find them playing shows that promote local galleries or other local artists too. It’s the combination of music, art, friends and L O V E that make Psychic Dog who and what we are.


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