Pale Monsters

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Pale Monsters is the new Boston band led by singer/guitarist Chris Mulvey. Mulvey previously led the Pixies-esque Muy Cansado. Pale Monsters finds him teaming with Travis Richter (drums), Mike Ward (synthesizer) and Kevin McGrath (bass). The name is an allusion to Moby Dick, referencing how we impose our fears and ourselves onto other things.

Released in June 2016, Pale Monsters debut EP, Take What You Can Take, is “a set of loud, sad indie rock gems” (Boston Herald) that aims to please fans of the art rock of David Bowie, Radiohead and Nick Cave with tight rhythms, rich dynamics, punchy guitars and swirling synthesizers. Mulvey’s deep baritone vocals croon and belt lyrics that portray world of anxiety, disillusionment and ultimately catharsis. Lead single Everybody (Take What You Can Take) is an energized, yet jaded anthem that nods to Leonard Cohen’s Everybody Knows. EP closer Moon leverages band dynamics to bolster Mulvey’s storytelling with warmth and depth.

“….this band has a knack for taking those stylings of what’s come before and forging them into something fresh and vital. There’s really not a lot of straight-up rock that feels new anymore, but, somehow, Pale Monsters pulls off the trick.”
— The Worcester Telegram

“a sound-shifting pop-rock project that feels like a modernized take on the guitar-fed styles of Talking Heads, David Bowie… and, hell we hear some stellastarr*”
— Vanyaland



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